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"60 shots"- a photography exhibition showcasing the works of almost 50 young, amateur photographers from around Bangladesh is going to kick off from 13th August, 2009 in Chhobir Haat on the Dhaka University premises. The event is being co-ordinated by the young members of "Bangladeshi Photographers", one of the largest online groups for photography enthusiasts in Bangladesh. The exhibition is open for all. This will be the first time an exhibition is taking place where the attendees are mostly amateur artists with a thirst for photography, one of the major and perhaps the most eceletic branches of fine arts. Major media presence is expected during the event

You can RSVP to the event at its designated Facebook page. The event will start on the 13th and carry on for 3 days till 15th August. Haven't been to Chobir Haat before? No worries, here's a Google Map embed to guide you

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