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I took up on photography about a one and a half year ago after my mother's passing. Before that, I was mostly just another curious shooter in the wild. However, as I came into terms with my orphaned, suffocatingly lonely state of mind, I sought refuge in a brand new medium of expression, "The Play of Lights and Shadows". It was as if I had finally found a niche I can take a few days to explore, something that would keep me occupied and far from the horrors that I had to face. In time, however, I discovered that the world of photography was far more vast than I had ever comprehended. I also realized that perhaps, this was my only good friend at the time..someone who'd listen to my lonely rants and obsecure expressions and reciprocate favorably in return.

I was not wrong.

Photography is what keeps me company these days. Whenever I'm not reading about heat-transfer in boundary layers or turbulence in aerofoil design as part of my Mechanical Engineering course, I take my camera out and shoot me a few seconds of life. This blog will act as a detail account of my journey through the fathoms of photography, news and views about recent happenings, styles and genres that I like, techniques that I'm fond of, hacks/tips/tricks that I employ or sometimes simply a set of exposures that I've captured recently. In the future I plan on inviting guest authors and/or renowned photographers who would contribute a few minutes of their life in this blog to share *their view on photography. Hopefully, all that jazz would come into fruition at the end of the day.

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